Letter From The Editors
For September of 2016

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    About a year ago I shared in the passing of my mother and it was during those trips between Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas I would stop on a lonely stretch of road in the desert when passing vehicles were nowhere in sight, get out and walk a dozen yards or so from the car. During the time that followed, the persistent noise of city life could no longer be heard along with the background hum of electronics leaving just the stillness of nature. The mind can be turned inward after enough silence has been enjoyed and it is at that point when one can appreciate an earlier age when the technological wonders that make our lives so easy were still a century away. The world was a larger place for those living then with neighbors sometimes closer than family, towns that were true communities and people had the time to appreciate a slower pace of life. Side-by-side, both points in history seem worlds apart but compared to the times in the past when even the luxuries of a printing press was a thousand years in the future, the time-saving devices of the year 1900 would have been inconceivable in the year 900.

    This was the end of the classic Mayan period in the Americas and taking that as an example, one can see in their amazing works of architecture, art, games and rituals, comparisons to our modern times done through the absence of technology. Along with that came a study of the stars and development of a very advanced calendar capable of charting points in time thousands of years in the future. When one is surrounded by silence, the only sounds one hears are those thoughts passing through the brain which can sound like a symphony if groups of them align in just the right way. It is in those concepts such as pyramid construction, stellar research and Gods from the sky that one has to consider what else they saw above them. The Mayans built planetariums in each major city and with so much time spent looking into the skies, any visitors to this planet in flying ships would have seemed like Gods to those who placed such major importance to the happenings in the stars unimpeded by artificial lighting. With so much to ponder, it's no wonder the tops of their pyramids and temples were built higher than the distractions taking place in the city below.

    Travel back another thousand years or so to focus in on the life of a simple carpenter as he plied his trade of building up people and laying the groundwork for a master plan the effects of which are still shaping our world on a daily basis. Crushed and oppressed, many people of the time were overseen by a brutal Roman occupation and what imagination they had was fed to them by their priests and authorities like the Sanhedrin. Out in the desert surrounded by his disciples, Jesus would have had that same quiet I experienced in those trips to Las Vegas and those disciples would have had months if not years in the early days of his ministry where they would have been around him twenty-four seven. Imagining that kind of access, itís no wonder some would suffer horrible deaths passing on the message he had taught. After his ascension back to higher dimensions, they would have then had all of the quiet afforded a lack of distractions and in that quiet would have had time to reflect on the words he imparted to each them as have millions of people since. Monastic life has always sought such quiet to regain that reflection enjoyed by those of Christís time but let's look back another two thousand, five hundred years to a civilization who understood how truly loud silence can be.

    Egypt at the height of its power and creator of some of the most wonderful structures of their era also built structures underground and chambers within the pyramids were silence reigned when no else was around. Anyone who has ever taken a YouTube visit into the kingís chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza can imagine being in there by themselves to think and meditate. In the deep penetrating silence to follow would be a chance to really explore what a thought would sound like in such a space. The musician Paul Horn released an album of him playing his flute there and the sound can still carry the listener away to the deeper places within themselves. Imagining what it must have sounded like at the completion of its construction when the door was still open, one cannot help but be overwhelmed by their ability to construct such a edifice as well as other such fantastic buildings and temples. To stop here on our journey though would be a disservice if we did not continue on to when the power of thoughts was appreciated to its fullest but also to a fault. Our final destination is ten thousand years before Egypt's height to the time of Atlantis where our search has been heading all along. During its even bigger height was how all of this started when ascension to the next evolutionary level was still thought of as a possibility. It still is and the time span from then to now is but a continuation of the path all third dimensional humans are on. That leads us back to today going forward from here. Should you find yourself where all sound has been eliminated, use that time to listen to the music of the mind. The harmony has never been missing, it's just needed all this time to be enjoyed properly.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra