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Updated September, 2016


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Greetings in love and light as one.

Welcome back to The Hades Base News, once a connecting point between members of Ashtar Command on the sixth dimension and higher and those of us here on third dimensional Earth. The channelings within represent nine years of channeling sessions with beings we came to know and love between 1992 and 2001. We apologize for the poor sound quality as we were using primitive recording devices without multiple microphones for many of the sessions. 

Formally channeled by Mark Crocker and transcribed by Russ  Hatfield, they present an undiluted source of information about our planet's past, present and future with a inside look at how we interact with the many races of beings who share our galaxy with us. While there are no more sessions or news from the base, the archives still have much to teach going forward. If you are new to the site, please visit the reception hall to get caught up.


Editor's notes: Anything posted on this site is available for sharing with anyone for use in this planet's path to ascension. All we ask is that you please include a link back to our homepage:


Please be advised: Some wording on this website may not be suitable for all ages, parental guidance is suggested.


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Joseph Taratino
Fantasy Studios

Next month: Surfing the Waveforms

(To be posted on 10/01 at 01:00 AM PST)


This month's podcast is based on alternate realities and how what should have taken place didn't but was supposed to long before now. What should have taken place according to Tia's predictions at the time was that social upheaval was inevitable in some form or another to a lesser or greater extent within a few years. That society is still running along for the most part smoothly for most of the populace is testament to our not having to experience those lessons to this point. The breakdown of society is always something that could still be a lesson but then so is global warming and nuclear winter. Many of the podcasts on the subject hold good information if that happens to be a future lesson.

Tia ushers in Omal shortly after starting the session and he reviews several of the hot spots around the globe before taking taking on my question about starting up the live online channeling sessions which did take place eventually. He focuses most of his talk on planning for the future and those options for refuge in times of trouble. Korton changes places with Omal and we talk computers with me drawing from his extensive knowledge of computers and John needing information about survival situations. Both subjects dovetailed nicely. Next came Ashtar taking time from his busy schedule to channel to thank us for the good job we had been doing and laid out our upcoming training schedule. Before leaving, he gave us with a prediction of the future in the form of an analogy. Kiri takes us to the end of side one by first her latest being caused by a meeting with the crèche parents for Leonedies who are super operants like his is. His meta-concert with the Cubs and his brother which put Mark in a manifested bubble he could get out of was also brought up.

Karra's conversation on side two is mainly centered on the food needed in the future when roughing it. Basic staples are covered along with her tip to add bullion to the list as a way to bring flavor where it may be badly needed. We get treated to Tia singing a birthday song for Mark and I who have our birthdays this day before reminding us she is on sabbatical from her normal duties. She does though give a fairly thorough description of how the hologram projection disks used to store pictures to be displayed in a hologram format. We learn how many pictures each hold all the way up to life size. Flight Commander Taal stops by to let us know of his upcoming mission to escort the Base's ski team for the Tri-Base ski races along with his family on a second honeymoon. Kiri closes the session out answering a question from me about having the Wookies hold a special snowboarding competition at the races. It would go before a committee and turn out to be a snowboarding exhibition by them the next year.
This months editorial is called "The Sound Of a Thought", a 12,000 year time-lapse through history.

The sum of our knowledge is just a figment of our reality.