Letter From The Editors
For September Of 2015

Front Page





    When we first started the channeling sessions in the early '90’s, we had no idea what the Internet would grow into but the potential to reach a vast number of people on the planet was certainly there. So too was the belief that, at the proper time in the earth’s technological advancement, the sessions being taped could be issued as podcasts after first being re-mastered professionally to overcome the inferior recording equipment being used and the concept of podcasts to be developed. As we now come to September of 2015, a video, a thought, a song or a podcast can cross the planet with the potential to reach millions of people within seconds. We take it for granted but looking back on what that would have meant twenty years ago and the power that carries with it needs to be understood better.

    To do so, we need to look even further back 40 years to 1977 when "Star Wars" was first released. I was one of the many lucky ones who saw it on the big screen in its initial debut. Back then, the Internet was word of mouth, the library and the news so while the movie came out in May, it wasn’t until July when I was convinced it was a movie worth watching. Coming out of the theater I wondered what had taken me so long but, with the release of the appropriately named “Force Awakens” sequel, December can’t come fast enough. Thanks to a company that has influenced young minds like mine for many a decade, a company far thinking in its looking ahead to a world on the brink of change, The Disney Corporation is reaping the benefits of a story with a life of its own. Working so close to the real thing as seen in the “Star Trek” universe more so than the one in the “Star Wars” has given me a unique perspective that is no longer as unique as it once was thanks to George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry.

    This is the first of many editorials to come over the next few years to acknowledge the changes the new movies will bring both positive and negative. Once again the question arises of what is good and what is right, who is the dark and who fights for the light. In this case, some of the light is millions of Jedi’s in training already watching the old movies in anticipation of what’s to come or even better, getting a taste of it for the first time. When the first trailer came out for the movie, it was viewed by so many people within a 24 hour period that you could feel a change resonate within the planetary group mind, if only for a tiny bit. It’s old home week for those of us who have followed the Star Wars series birth and growth as well as everyone else who have seen the movies as more than just an entertaining series of adventures both daring and heroic. They who can conceive of a universe that they may live in one day given the right circumstances and understanding of the deeper concepts presented. Then again, maybe what they feel are memories sparked by a past life in a galaxy far, far away.

    It was inconceivable 40 years ago what “Stars Wars” would and will become and equally inconceivable 20 years ago that the fun chats with our friends living that existence of interstellar travel, meeting races of every type and using skills any fan of the movies would be very familiar with would still be as relevant now if not more so than they were back then. Now with their knowledge available as podcasts, anyone with internet access can listen and their light can spread as fast as thought can travel. A universe of wise and beneficent beings exists three dimensions away and luckily it only takes channels like Mark to bridge the gap, showing our potential future without money, lightsabers or a need for war and, while it makes for a less exciting movie, it makes a far more enlightening reality.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra