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  • Occupation: Leader of the Council of Twelve and Ashtar Command.
  • Home Planet: ?

    .     Sananda manifested on Earth as Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago
         after coming to this planet to pass on a message of hope. He returned
         to the 10th dimension after his crucifixion and ascension and still helps
         that message be passed on in its many forms. He lives on his city ship
         and came to two of our channeling sessions. We feel blessed we had the
         privilege to hear of his continuing work.

         His influence can still be felt as the channeling sessions have been
         presented as podcasts. Listening to those speakers on base who came
         to impart their knowledge is the sense they do what they do from the
         example he set so long ago. Meeting him in person as they have can                                               
         have that effect on a being.

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