Letter From The Editors
For October of 2016

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    Every day we learn of some new danger that can kill us or reminded of some impending global catastrophe threatening our lives and every other living thing on the planet. But what if that wasnít the case? Imagine the sudden loss of both your eyesight and hearing with the resulting lack of incoming sensory data from those organs. There would be some time period involved making adjustments to your new world with only a previous knowledge of the world before darkness and silence descended. Now imagine if the loss of sight and hearing took place at birth. Taste, smell and touch would be your only way of interacting with the world but what kind of world would your mindís eye see before it? You would basically have to create your environment from your remaining three senses and what those assisting you who could see and hear gave you as information to build on like a puzzle, fitting each piece so you could integrate into the rest of society. Now what if they decided to hold off informing you of those threats the rest of us take for granted and only gave you their version of a perfect world?

    Labeled disabled, the challenges faced would be character building tests with the ability to bring out the very best in a person if perceived that way. The imagination would have to replace sight and sound so anything the mind could conceive becomes a mental simulation of which only a small portion will correspond with what is really there. If instead of a handicap, a person were to see it as an opportunity, the world they built with their mind might instead turn out to be their biggest advantage in overcoming the feeling that they did not fit in with the world around them. Those of us who can see and hear have solid definitions our mind associates for each of the items of our reality but not so for those without such senses. Disabled? Maybe in their ability to transit from point A to Point B easily but the freedom they lack in movement would be compensated by the freedom of imagination relied on to bring their reality to life. In their mind, until told differently, theirs would be a planet of peace and harmony.

    In a similar way, we too bring our reality to life with our imagination by using it as a tool to remodel our future to the one we desire. It is not the physical world we are shaping with our imagination so much as ourselves in the self-image we see reflected in the mirror of our mind. The constant drive for improvement changes that reflection with our decisions and actions and at the same time changes the world around us as a consequence. The key to all this change is a simple smile, differing only in width or replaced with something more appropriate to reflect critical emotions. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough for no matter the mood, taking on any situation is always initiated best when a smile precedes you into a room. Not just a smile to change up your features but a genuine feeling of happiness exuding from you like the warm glow of a fire. Even if you were deaf and blind, it would not keep you from being able to share that happiness to the fullest.

    Now achieving that happiness takes reminding oneself that those things affecting you personally are all important for growth. The bigger things like global warming, mass pollution, the war on terror and the current election for the president are also important for growth if we decide they should be but it's the emotions generated by events that determines how that growth takes place. Like the person lacking the two most important senses, it is what is admitted into the bigger picture by yourself and whether what is added brings fear, anger or happiness. Itís a decision faced by everyone all the time, how much of the world beyond our immediate sphere of influence is useful for growth if it is based on fear or anger?  In contrast, growth based on happiness has an almost magical quality to it. Not only does the world seem a happier place, good things seem to happen, friendships strengthen and family bonds grow tighter. You may even find education seems to come easier and the workplace is not as impersonal as it once. There is only one rule when choosing to use happiness for growth instead of fear or anger, no matter how happy you are, there are always more levels of happiness beyond that. Keep pushing those limits.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra