Letter From The Editors
For October Of 2015

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    The dance of life. I do it, you do it, every living thing does it all around you at all times. We keep on dancing until we get to the final dance of death to prepare for our next performance in the physical realm. The questions then are why do we dance, when do we dance, where do we dance and how do we dance? Each will be broken down individually but the use of dance as a metaphor describes our day-to-day linear existence in the clearest way possible. Dance by definition is the interplay of actions between one or more people in a rhythmic motion. Dance in this sense is the flow of life around us as we weave in and out of each new experience, exchanging seemingly choreographed moves with people and things endlessly. Dance from a personal perspective is a synchronous flow of coordinated movements Karra and I use to dance our way through reality together. Even when I accidentally step on her toes or she has to correct my moves, the dance in retrospect always looks seamless.

    Why do we dance? We dance because we have to. It is in our cosmic DNA that we need to experience physicality but more than that, itís that we need to experience it on this planet in this dimension. There are so many other possibilities that we could have found ourselves but this is where our dance partners are and have been for so many of our lives. Karma plays the tune and we keep the beat. A moment is a movement that we feel called to complete whatever it is life asks of us and we of it. If the question then is all about cause and effect, the real reason we dance is to get better, simple as that.

    When do we dance? Itís not something that ever stops but is rarely acknowledged as something we actually do. The moves we make from moment-to-moment can seem like a natural progression of events when seen from the limited perspective offered by the third dimension. As quantum mechanics becomes more understood, a wider perspective is available to see how the dance progresses. No longer should the mundane aspects of life be taken as matter-of-fact when we discover how science and consciousness are closing in on each other. We are learning that practice does make perfect and that seeing the coming moves in our head beforehand prepares us for the stage we create through that practice.

    Where do we dance? We dance everywhere. It is in answering the phone, watching the TV, walking the dog or on an actual dance floor. The music? Itís all around us but not on a level that can be picked up audibly, except sometimes. Often when attention is brought to bear, one can find the synchronicity in the sounds and the actions taking place all around. We might find ourselves at the toughest point of our career, the hardest test schoolís ever thrown at us, the worst breakup we could imagine or a point so low, no way up can even be conceived. These are the best times to dance. Take a moment to recall your favorite song and give it some time to work its way through your system. In dance, we lose ourselves but also keep control, this is a good way to approach any problem.

    How do we dance? Itís unique to every person. Some people slow dance, some people rave, some people dance with as few as people possible and some people head for the mosh pit. As we age, the dance changes as we change and our tastes change to suit us in every stage of our life. Regardless of the style, it is with a sense of wonder we must consider the fact we even get a chance to dance at all. While our moves might be completely different from those around us on the dance floor, itís a very forgiving place and we may find that as the music plays on, the crowd starts copying how we dance and we may even start getting requests for lessons.

Dancing in love and light as one,

Russ and Karra