Letter From The Editors
For November Of 2015

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    In our collaboration for these editorials, Karra writes for a sixth dimensional audience while I write for a third dimensional one with the end result coming together in what is read. This month though we write only to my audience as it ties in nicely with Tia’s theology discussion in November's podcast, “Sirius Justice”.  The evolution of humanity has been a rough ride, the product of youthfulness among a galaxy of races ancient before the first humans walked on earth. It's also a product of the synthesis of our ancestors and the colonists from a third dimensional Sirius after their arrival on Atlantis. While Sirius went on to ascend into the sixth dimension before it was uninhabitable, we follow a similar path Sirius did on its way to ascension.

    In the millennia following the fall of Atlantis, humans evolved as well as our ways of dealing with the challenges facing us. Survival became a priority and no longer could the niceties prevail. The goal of accession changed to having more than the next person which in many cases extends out from there to the present time through the lessons of having and having not. It was into this environment ripe for learning that great teachers and masters incarnated to the third dimension to remind man of what is needed and to think beyond mere survival. When those teachings are explored completely to expose the core of the message perceived by the beholder, it can lead to self-actualization which is a step on the path to spiritual refinement, a path of finding one’s true self among the many on offer. The fit, as discovered by those very same masters and teachers, is something that only the self and higher self can agree is the right one.

    It has been through my observation of the Ashtar Command personnel on the base who put so much time and effort into our advancement that they represent examples of ourselves in that same evolved state of consciousness once we’ve achieved the necessary lessons. Many of those lessons are available through the shared wisdom of the ages and at the root of those lessons is the removal of the obstacles to ascension. A person’s decisions are the basis of their thought patterns before and after much of what they choose to do throughout their day, week, year and life. Eliminating the negative feedback loops that run through a mind after perceived mistakes has been the main theme of those teachers. Eliminating as well the mental warfare of guilt, envy, anger and all things that lead away from peace and calm, a relief from the heavy burden of those emotions weighing us down. Like raw ore on its way to be processed, the final product is lighter and purer, ready to be made into whatever is desired.

    Some examples are Moses coming down from Mount Sinai after communing with God bringing with him the Ten Commandments, a detailed treatise on how to remove many of the mental blocks to ascension. John the Baptist demonstrated how that could be simplified to just removing everything consuming the mind with guilt through the act of baptism. Sananda in his human incarnation as Jesus took it to the next step in telling the people to love one another as themselves and that the meek shall inherit the earth. Gautama Buddha found enlightenment on the middle path between excess and asceticism while seeing one's own divinity and at the same time seeing the divinity in others. Throughout all of them, forgiving the faults of others and most of all forgiving of one’s own faults starts the process. It's a love for all things that is the driving force getting us to the goal already reached by those on the base sharing their view of our future. So in conclusion, there are any number of paths to refine oneself into a workable alloy, what shapes us into our final form is love, light and a clear idea of what that form will be.

In our forms of love and light as one,

Russ and Karra