Letter From The Editors
For November Of 2014

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    A lot has happened consciously in my life since Karra was introduced to me by Kiri during one of our earliest channeling sessions but long before that I met someone who would play a far more important role in my life at the height of my disbelief. It took place during the autumn of 1980 in the town of Medford Oregon however, before going into how all that began, let me jump forward to how it may end.

    The Earth is at a critical point in its development and its apparent to almost anyone that we must either work together to save the planet or suffer a fate far more devastating than what befell Atlantis. Global warming and its effects are setting off alarms around the world as well as up on the base and cries out for an effort to control it on a planet wide scale. This is not the time to fear any of that as it is a reality we have created to learn from so now we have to ride this roller coaster to the end. It is what path the roller coaster will take that we do have some control over.

    With the stakes so dire, one of those paths which would solve all of Earth's problems is also the most unlikeliest to occur, spread as a thoughtform though, who's to say what consequences could transpire if everyone on the planet set themselves on a course to rise up consciously and work together to solve the problems facing us so that we could find ourselves in a utopia of clean energy and global peace. This was all pointed out to me by a homeless gentleman in disguise back in that autumn of 1980.

    I was living in Medford for the one year where I had dropped everything, left L.A. without saying goodbye and headed up North to start a new life. During a few months of that year, the living was hard with only a minimum wage job available at the time. I was able to rent a one bedroom house from a friend and survive on food stamps for most of my meals until those ran out. After that I would spend the last few days of the month at a homeless shelter getting a free meal and a sermon. I had recently found Jesus again after a long absence from the church so I was fine with the lessons handed out before the food.

    It was on one of those nights I found myself next to a homeless man staying on the streets who was, like myself, there for the night's spaghetti. He asked for the Parmesan shaker to be passed over and a lively chat ensued. I invited him to spend the cold night on my couch if he didn't have a place to stay and he accepted. As we were walking back to my house, he said he had waited until we were alone to reveal who he really was. I was starting to get a bit nervous and began to question the wisdom of my decision.

    He said his name was actually Sananda but I would have known him better as Jesus Christ. This didn't make me feel any less nervous as we had arrived at my house with me now doubting the sanity of my guest. He gave some fairly convincing answers to my questions on his life here on Earth 2,000 years ago and explained he was in charge of something called Ashtar Command which was composed of billions of beings on millions of planets on higher dimensions than the third. They had tasked themselves with raising up those of this dimension through a policy of non-interference and Earth was one of those planets being helped.

    It was at this point I was shaking my head in a polite manner and agreeing to whatever he was telling me, not believing a word of course but giving him the benefit of my decreasing doubt. He went on to describe a possible future on Earth where those on the planet and Ashtar Command worked together to bring about a peaceful transition to a higher dimension. I agreed this would only happen in a perfect world but the time was late and I had to be up early. We said our goodnights and I went to bed but with a locked door between him and myself. When I woke, he was as cheerful as the night before and asked if I noticed anything different about my surroundings. I said things seemed a little brighter than usual and attributed it to one of the few sunny days in Oregon. He said he had changed us into the sixth dimension temporarily so I remarked on the brightness again politely and searched for some exit lines.

    Happy as ever, he took his leave shortly thereafter and our paths never crossed again but the encounter has always stayed fresh in my mind. Now some could argue that this was just a crazy old man with delusions of grandeur though I would have a pretty strong case for who it was I let crash on my couch. Looking back at the intimate surroundings Mark and I set up 12 years later to make a second and third meeting with Sananda happen, I realize that powerful forces were at work behind the scenes to bring the two of us together. My self-described internship with Ashtar Command has been a productive one, all due to an interview I wasn't even aware I was scheduled to attend or needed. Membership in Ashtar Command merely takes a belief in Ashtar Command and its mission.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra