Letter From The Editors
For May of 2016

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    In the dark ages, knowledge was power and that power was held by the elite and clergy over the lower classes to control who could attain it until the introduction of the printing press that ushered in the age of enlightenment. Books, once prohibitively expensive, were now available to the common man but libraries open to the public as we would recognize them today wouldn't be established in large numbers until the end of the 19th century. With this freely available knowledge came the advancement of both commerce and technology making it an exciting time to be alive but no less exciting than for those who watched the birth of the internet. Access to knowledge in far greater quantity than ever before brought with it a connectivity we are enjoying the benefits of today. From the days of looking through shelves of books to the typing of a few keystrokes, knowledge has exploded at an incredible rate and that growth has led to the growth in the consciousness of the planet. Take for example the topic of non-earth entities and their craft seen frequently in our skies. In the days before the internet, a library search of the topic would have a limited number of books devoted to the subject with very few devoted to channelings from those entities. Now, thousands of websites can be found with incredible information available to anyone wishing to know what is being channeled and by who.

    One may wonder why such an explosion of information took so long to come about. One answer may be Atlantis, where a similar distribution of information was freely available to those souls who had incarnations then which feel very familiar now. Knowledge found on other planets was accessible as was science, culture and technology. The internet of today also has knowledge found only on other planets such as The Sirian Chronicles from the July podcast of 2013 at the Hades Base News. Formally found only on Sirius in a higher dimension and other locations throughout Ashtar Command, its now a part of our internet where that and millions of other examples of such knowledge can be found so the internet could actually be called a galactic public library. The 21rst century is to be a wondrous time to be alive when the spread of knowledge throughout this world and other worlds can bring into being a true age of enlightenment.

    One thing holding back the coming of that age is the fact that while knowledge is no longer a resource to be doled out to only those in power, power still resides in those with outdated business models that are still in the dark ages. Such philosophies ignore the environment in favor of profit while the decisions governing such irresponsible policies are made a corporate level, far removed from what would be for the greater good of all. Luckily it is the explosive growth of knowledge that may possibly save us from ourselves as we see a need to alter those policies before we reach a point of no return. Unlike Atlantis, we have the power to keep the world from falling into a fate best not relived. What needs to continue is the sharing of knowledge such as green technology, clean transportation alternatives, providing healthy food and clean water to the masses which will bypass the debate and bring about change because there is no other choice.

    A hundred years ago, the public finally had easy access to books from all over the world and look what has happened since. Imagine in another hundred years the transformation that will come into existence should we ensure our survival as a race by then. As a believer of past lives, I have come to the understanding that it would be more accurate to say we have one life and many bodies. The continuation of that life in a new body brings with it the accumulated knowledge gained through a long history of experiences and learning, each body marking a new set of lessons and a chance to advance our consciousness once more. Compared to recorded history, our present times allow access to learning unheard of for tens of thousands of years and this era is a special time in history that were privileged to be a part of in which access to the internet grants the user a virtual library card to wisdom from across the galaxy. Its a smarter, more enlightened age were entering into and if knowledge is power, then the balance of power is shifting to the masses who have the ability to make their world one that is sustainable until 2116 and beyond.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra