Letter From The Editors
For May Of 2015

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W.W.S.D: What Would Sananda Do?

    This is a question asked by many of the inhabitants of higher dimensions such as Karra when faced with any difficult situation, what would Sananda do? Unlike his third dimensional self as Jesus Christ, his tenth dimensional self has far more to draw on. We have several examples to give us an idea how best to answer that question but it would always be up the individual to determine that for themselves and act accordingly. Most of the influences that we have to draw on come from within and can be understood almost intuitively as our higher self has a much closer relationship with them.

    The first example is the New Testament of the Bible where the value of the lessons contained has been demonstrated over the last two thousand years. Not by accident is it the most well-known book of this timeline. The teachings are as relevant now as they were then in that they relate to world events existing into this millennia and ironically in some cases, even initiated by those very teachings but twisted to serve a personal agenda. So it is with many of the world’s religions but that should never hinder the search for deeper meaning into what each of these teachers and teachings have to say.

    The next example is in the second podcast of March of 2013 during his only channeling posted so far. While Sananda stressed he is not a master of any as he is master of none, he displayed that he is a master of life by telling a perfect joke at the perfect moment where it was most needed to relax me before I asked my last question. Even existing as a light being, leader of the Council of Twelve and Brotherhood of Light, he seemed the most down-to-earth of all the speakers who ever graced us with their presence. Awe inspiring yet denying that honor, he demonstrated what it means to be enlightened. One can easily imagine what it would have been like to sit at the Master’s feet two thousand years ago and bask in the warmth of his teachings. Fast forward to 1997 and he can still inspire awe. It is easy to understand how beings could, and still do to this day, lay down their lives for the principles he taught and continues to teach through those teaching us.

    So, what would Sananda do? Karra has an easy answer to that question in just two words, more love. If one thing comes through in every account known of him, he consistently shows increasing amounts of love. Even when dealing with the money changers in the temple, it was with absolute love for those literally being short changed that the tables were overturned. In his channeled conversations, love was being shown that I could feel with his every word. More love is the answer to any problem, any resolution needed for times of stress, anger and fear. He divinely demonstrated that concept up to and after he was crucified and no better example could we be left with to emulate. How best can that be achieved? Just remember those initials………W.W.S.D.

In LOVE and light as one,

Russ and Karra