Letter From The Editors

For March of 2023

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Synchronicity came knocking so we got writing. We had been contemplating an editorial on the evolution between preindustrial and postindustrial humanity when that exact question came up in this series finale of Galactica. Not having seen it before, the timing seems suspicious as here was our entire editorial playing out at the climax of the final episode. Survivors of the war with the Cylons found a new earth on which to establish a home where they could ensure their survival. With all they had gone through and the lessons learned from technology run amok, they could rebuild their society with or without the advanced computers and the science that provided a comfortable existence. Stop here if you don't want to know how it ends.

In the end they opted to rough it out with the indigenous natives who were genetically compatible and would leave the ability to travel between worlds behind. They gave up their government, they give up their military, they gave up indoor plumbing. All their tech was destroyed on purpose so as to get a fresh start and uphold the greater good. One can layout the timeline that would occur with the intermixing of the two distinct genetic codes. What had been a primitive race vulnerable to extinction now became an advanced version that would move on from hunting to cultivation and from there a means to continue as unimproved species. The show takes things full-circle when it looks in again at that same civilization 150,000 years in the future.

Cities had grown up from the small enclaves established and mankind was up to the point of evolution we are now. Robotics had become the rage and AI was soon to take a dominant role in those developments. Whether humanity could break the cycle and not enlist independent death machines onto the world to fight their battles was the never-ending question. It still is and we face that question if not now, we will in the very near future. Already the race is on to make autonomous vehicles of war to send against enemies needing no human control to decide what to target. Extend that timeline out even further and we get the destruction of Caprica and the twelve colonies. In a quote from where the decision was being made on whether to keep or ditch technology, someone said, "science charges ahead while the souls involved are left behind".

The future will determine which decision we make as a race is the right one or the wrong one. The optimist in us would like to see an international governance panel to regulate the development of AI and the autonomous weapons of tomorrow so that a set of norms are established which would control the development. The realist we are understands that won't happen and they did, any recommendations made would be ignored. Just as artificial intelligence is replacing costly workers in industries around the world, AI is seen as a way to replace costly soldiers on the battlefield. As Hollywood has shown us, there is no limit to where the technology could evolve. We've seen in movies how the technology to become self-aware. Now we've see in real life how the same could happen then it would no longer be fiction. Let's hope that wiser heads prevail.

In love, light and wisdom as one,

Russ and Karra