Letter From The Editors
For March of 2016

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    Itís time for another analogy and this month itís a good one, comparing the many institutions of higher of learning to our ongoing search for enlightenment. Having never graduated high school, I have only a vicarious idea of school beyond the twelfth grade but for our purposes it should be enough. Prior to having met my first higher dimensional being in the form of Omal back in 1988 I held the same beliefs in extraterrestrials a large bulk of humanity holds in that they probably exist but in a way no one has been able prove to a skeptical public. Lacking real proof, I maintained the common assumption we were the only intelligent life in the universe and if there was other intelligent life out there it would be best if they and us left each other alone. Then came the channeling session of my life through the auspices of a channeler named Roger Pinion while living in Sedona and through him, Omal completely rewrote the beliefs I had held in a pretty dramatic way. He merely explained how the universe really worked as he answered question after question the audience asked from his 7th dimensional perspective while eliminating all doubt from my mind. 

    I moved to Lake Tahoe and nine years of channeling sessions followed once I learned Mark Crocker, my roommate at the time could astral travel. One night I suggested a trip to Hades Base and told him what I knew of it. He left in his astral form to follow a UFO that had been hovering over the house just for that purpose we were to discover later back through its dimensional hops to the base.  In 2013 Karra gave me the impetus to share that knowledge that had been passed to me as podcasts from the sessions we recorded and the rest is history. Those nine years along with three years of repeated listenings has significantly altered that view of life beyond this planet I had back in 1988. In fact the difference between the two is like that between my formal education up to that point and where I find myself now after working for so long with those on the base. The incentive they provided to come up with questions for each session and go through the drills asked of me gave me an education I would equate to a university, a university of the mind. As such, I invite any who wish go through the same lessons I did from a group of teachers who have already achieved their masterís degree in the third dimension and moved on as educators from their campus up on Hades Base, five miles below the surface of Mars in a higher dimension. Founded in February of that 2013, the online classes were added on a monthly basis and will hopefully continue to be added for many years to come.

    It is with great honor then that I would like to introduce you to our faculty for those who have not yet had opportunity to meet them in the last three years. Omal, the base commander, could best be described as the Dean of this fine institution and is a master of all the knowledge being taught from his achieved dimension of the seventh. He normally kept the sessions well in hand except for this latest podcast where he let things get a little out of control. Karra, our resident ambassador from Sirius, is in charge of the medical side of the channeling sessions and provides excellent knowledge on matters concerning healing. The head of both the engineering and coercion departments is definitely Kiri while Tia, our visiting professor from Durondedunn, would be in charge of both the astral projection and political science departments. Among the wide range of guest speakers who have shared their even wider knowledge would be Ashtar who could be considered the Superintendent of the School and Sananda who one might call the Superintendent of Everything Else.

    A syllabus for the classes is non-existent as the channeling sessions to be turned into online courses have for the most part been chosen at random though when seen in retrospect, a pattern emerges of how the lessons were added in a way that seems clearer each time I have gone back over them. The beauty of the presentation can only now be fully appreciated and whoever planned out these sessions knew a dry delivery would not hold our attention. The interplay between paradigm changing information and a comfortable atmosphere of fun and laughter definitely have the desired effect especially when laid out in the way they were. Always know of course that there are many campuses of the University of the Mind and this is not the end all or be all of the information needed to grow. An open mind is the only per-requisite to find one or more which resonate with your spirit as we all unite through one common goal, shared knowledge. Remember our motto, university starts with universe which is where we find the best teachers in the never-ending search for knowledge.
In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra