Letter From The Editors
For March Of 2015

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Whether 'tis nobler for the ego to suffer
the slings and arrows of accepting a lessor role in the universe 
or to take a lesson from higher dimensional entities and thus learn,
and in the learning, end the heartache and the feeling of solitary confinement within the mind. 
To be part of the all- aye, there's the goal. 

For to find enlightenment prior to shuffling off this mortal coil must be our commitment. 
There's hard lessons to be learned ahead of that wondrous breakthrough with heartaches, 
heartbreaks and self-imposed worry on world events.
Worry not on the karma of others and focus dearly on the moment at hand.  
There sits your future and the possible futures to come.
Revel in creative power of the human mind and use that power wisely. 

Around us range a thousand different ships of the "Command",
maintaining our sovereignty while leaving belief a question mark.
The mark of the question is this. 
Is man the next step down from God?
If not, what is man, mankind and all who claim that right?
The noblest of creatures great and small, protector of all and 
beholden to none but the ego. To that end there must be a sacrifice. 
There must come a world-wide recognition of our third world status in a galaxy of higher dimensional souls.

Once accepted, grasped and grokked, piece-by-piece comes peace on earth. 
None will come by ships to lift the burden of the third dimension because of the lessons that would be lost. 
Instead the individual is free, free to choose, 
free to come to their own belief system based on educated research on all that makes sense in a world of nonsense. 
Do it alone, do it with help, it makes no difference in the end of which there is no end. 
We'll do it again and again we'll come to a decision but perhaps with more information than we have at present. 
Or do we need it? 

Here is the chance, now is the time. Sananda, The Council Of Light, 
Ashtar Command and Hades Base are geared up to assist us out of ego if still bogged down. 
More and more people are coming to a realization that not only are we not alone, 
we have a huge family it's our turn to join. 
Embracing such a belief will be a step in the only direction logic dictates. 
How else could it be? 
That we are the one, the only, alone in a universe of trillions? 
That is one of the funnier jokes we could play on ourselves. 

In love and light as one, 

Russ and Karra

The above was inspired by the ironic humor of Omal discussing whether we are alone in the universe with a being 150,000 light years and three dimensions away in the latest podcast. Yet again is pointed out how the problems of the world consume so much energy and resources when a wider world of discovery awaits.