Closing comments

Kiri; Yo…
Skip; What were you throwing?
Kiri; I threw my skirt, the technician told me I was an overstuffed beanpole. I accidentally tripped over her as she had her feet out monitoring things so she called me an overstuffed beanpole so I threw my skirt at her which made Omal chuckle so I threw my T-shirt at him.
Skip; Have you got anything left on darling?
Kiri; Yes, I’m in my underwear.
Russ; At least you’re behaving.
(everyone laughs)
Russ; How’s Alex and Leonidies doing?
Kiri; They’re doing good, real good. Leonedies teaching program is causing problems for some of the other students in the other creches. They’re a little too high reaching for them. And then there where a few that were absolute disasters but he’s young, he’s only three. Alex has turned into a full on prankster which is good but I can’t tell him that. It’s better than he was. (talking to Laura) Alex, for your information, is my oldest son, he had an interesting disjunction that he had apparently blinding headaches. First of all he thought they were normal and everyone had headaches because he didn’t know any better and he would be very well behaved and obedient, ultra obedient. That was because of his headaches and now that we have fixed his headaches problems I’ve got the headaches. For example, bedroom doors being nailed shut. It started because Tia’s children decided they were going make off with a couple of his stuffed toys in fun. So whilst they were hiding his favorite toys he was nailing their door shut so that they couldn’t get into their room. Very creative. I thought it was very talented but I had to do the “ALEX!!!” That was my upset mode while trying to hide a smile……..(tape ends)

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