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Kiri; Greetings. Hey kids, whatís happening?
Russ; Good Kiri, How are you doing?
Kiri; Great, Iím doing good. So weíre all here tonight so everybody say hi.
Russ; Hi.
Skip; Hi.
Laura; Hi.
Kiri; OK let me seeÖ.down to business, Tiaís predictions on Kosovo are spot on as always. Sheís a smart cookie isnít she?
Russ; Yep.
Kiri; Now where were we? We have an agenda tonight as I am doing the ring mistress routine let me put my hot pants on and waistcoat, my whip and my big hatÖwhat are the big hats called?
Skip; A top hat.
Kiri; Yes, a top hat and Iíll do the ring mistress thing. Tia used to wear the outfit so as Iíve been given the job and the dutyÖÖ
Russ; Little small for you isnít it?
Kiri; Looks better small. Now then Letís go over a few interesting points. As you know and you might have sensed it Russ, you had a visitation from our grandmother, and she puttered a little while on the astral plane seeing why the backyard has changed in vibes lately. You might want to think about appeasing the devas as they are a little upset that it needs some upkeep. Maybe lay out some fruit and candles for them. What elseÖthe reasons they are upset were nothing grandma could put down to one thing since she hasnít worked with Earth devas in quite a long time so their thought processes were a little unfamiliar to her and it was difficult to understand what they were complaining about. I donít think it is so much the changes as the vibrations around the local. From what she was saying is that the vibrations need improving and the inward focus needs to be addressed but Iím not quite sure what she meant by that. (The mother of my son is what she is talking about and at the time she wasnít aware of devas but that has changed sinceÖ.the Ed). Also she brought up some interesting points that the garden could use some work but Iíll leave that section up to Treebeard who talked to here more that I did on that side through our communication system.
Russ; Any gossip?
Kiri; Oh yes, gossip, Iím still working on that for the webpage and Iíll E-mail it to you. I could really get on thing about your earth computers as the speed of the processors is so slow. Even Alexís laptop runs at about 2000 megahertz and itís old.
Russ; Well look at Korton? (Korton collects old computersÖthe Ed)
Kiri; yes, Korton and his collection. As Iím an engineer, Letís look at the latest technologies to be released. Youíve been following Gateway 2000 I suppose? They brought out a whole line of computers that are missing certain key elements. The plug-ins or the slots are there for them but the hardware they are using is generic video hardware. Now as was stated some year and a half ago that the meshing of the two technologies together with the graphic technology that is still far superior than standard PC technology being used by silicon Graphic workstations and the Amiga is about to occur. My projected time is about September when they are about to release it or maybe early 2000. It has been rumored on your planet that this will be a large step up for your planet computerwise. Do we have any more questions on coercion, computers or spirituality?
Skip; One question, you say youíve been talking to your grandma? Is the gentleman whoís supposed to be my guide come out of training yet?
Kiri; Heís doing part time at the moment. So when you feel that nudge or suggestion that pops into your mind which I think you have from time to time?
Skip; Yes I have.
Kiri; OK, thatís him guiding. Heís doing what you might call on the job training for a few hours a week. From what my grandmother explained to me is that when you are in that state and you are doing the learning necessary to be a guide, part of it is that you spend a lot of time on the spiritual plane talking with other people that are guides or about to be guides or have been guides, they all get together and they learn from each other and then they look at individual situations and they go off and do a little bit of work with the person they are intended to be a guide for. Normally thereís another guide to help them and guide them so the guides being guided in essence. In general they are eased into it gently but in this case itís a little different due to the fact you havenít had any until now. Now there is another kind of guide which a guide from love and theyíre normally spouses, parents or very close friends who donít need any on the job training because they know the person very well, mentally and sometimes physically and they do their own kind of guiding and pushing in the correct direction or the direction they perceive is correct. Now the important thing to remember is that guides do it from their point of view and try to analyze what is best for you even though it is their point of view. So thatís something very important to understand is that when they are pushing you in that direction, they are guiding you to what they think is the best goal. Not what is actually the best goal but what they perceive is the best goal for you. So therefore mistakes and errors do happen but that is part of the learning process of the guide and the person being guided. Any more questions/
Russ; I have one. We just went to the local renaissance fair celebrating one of Earthís renaissance periods, Seems to me we are going through another renaissance period right now. The age of computers is here along with the ability to speak to each other across the globe. What do you think on that?
Kiri; Iím watching with interest and Ií not going to make a commitment one way or the other at this time due to the fact that I really donít know enough about the political, and social economic setup. Iíd have to spend some time talking to Tia to come up with a formulated answer. Iíve been batting 100 since being appointed Ring Mistress and itís a heavy mantel to wear. Anyway I have to make room for the next speakerÖ..

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