Karra; Hello.

Russ; Hi love.
Skip; Hello Karra.
Laura; Hi there.
Karra; Greetings everyone, Ambassadorial duty time, ok we have coming up a visitations from Monka and also an official announcement that Ashtar will be on the base towards the middle of July. Also we will be having a presidential visit from the current head of senate from Sirius who is coming by again in the middle of July. This is an official visit from dad and it will be work related. So, the second week of July I will be unavailable for channeling, the third week we will have the session and we will have formal visitations of President Tanaka, Ashtar and Monka. Ok, official news coming from Sirius at this time is that they will be hosting a conference to select a delegate for the upcoming conferences to do with the unifying peace between the various races involved with observing and communicating with your planet. So that part of the reason we are getting the official visits. What the council will do with the president coming to visit us, he will analyze the situation and on his return they will discuss and start to select an individual that is suitable for the environment. So you may be asked a whole load of questions.
Russ; It will be a Sirian resident?
Karra; It will be a Sirian resident. He will be our representative. Ok any other questions?
Skip; I want to know if I have a distance limitation on my healing capabilities?
Karra; You can send energy but it is general energy any distance.
Skip; Do I have to have a means of communications to send this energy?
Karra; No, just a picture of the person and a general location that they are at. The other thing is by talking to them or writing them on your computers you can heal by saying soothing things and relaxing things, making suggestions, making them laugh, all sorts of things. Now healing energy is much more effective if you are up close and personal. This kind of range is ideal ( about 4 feet apart) but even closer is better. Hands on touching is by far the best. For long distance, sending general energy can be sent and what they do with it is what happens and thatís the healing part. If they wish it to energize and invigorate themselves without using it for healing, than that is what it is used for.
Skip; Ití like we discussed before, Iím acting as the jumpstarter.
Karra; Yes, youíre the jumpstarter, by sending the energy and talking in a healing way and they receiving the energy, they can use for healing. But if you just send the energy then they can just use it for whatever they want to use it for. It is like giving somebody twenty dollars and just giving it to them. Or you can give it to them and instruct them to go and buy food. The other option is you take them to the store and give them twenty dollars, you point to the food they should buy and you tell them pick it up, pay for it and I will meet you in the car. Thatís like being hands on and personal.
Skip; Thatís what I wanted to know.
Karra; Good, good. As I was saying, even though it says on my desk ambassador, I am a healer at heart. Hey, that sounds good! Anyway Iím going to depart now and will let The Kiri Monster wrap things up as she is basically throwing items of clothing at people.
(everyone laughsÖ.) Not just her clothing either. Ok, Iíll catch you guys laterÖ
(everyone says goodnight)

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