Karra; Greetings to each of you. I see that we have a new person visiting tonight. (a guest named Laura was in attendance) In that case let me tell you a little about myself. I am an ambassador. My primary enjoyment in life is healing. I was educated at what you would call the University of Sirius as a healer. I have field medicine experience and my main passions are herbals, herbs, using energy flows and energy crystals. I also have a good rounded knowledge in basic medicine and basic healing overall such as how to set a bone, how to reattach appendages, how to stitch skin back together, poultices, herbs, their effects, how to redirect energy, how to heal by using the persons own healing ability…..that sort of thing. I understand you have an interest in that sort of thing?
Laura; Yes.
Karra; Excellent.
Skip; We saw on the net the first hand transplant ever performed. Will it take?
Karra; Yes.
Skip; Good.
Karra; There will be difficulties at first and the hand transplant may or may not be successful. I’m watching that myself also since I heard about it yesterday and I have suspicions about this particular one but yes, this is a transplant. Unfortunately there are so many problems associated like whether or not they have full motor skills in the hand is something that is yet to be seen. In time as the technology improves, because there’s a lot more than grafting such as connecting the arteries and everything else, that once the limb is connected will it have a full range of motions. Will it have the ability to feel heat and cold. I look forward to progress in these areas.
Skip; I have a question that I’d like answered.
Karra; OK.
Skip; As I use my healing powers more, am I depleting or increasing them?
Karra; Well how can you deplete something that is renewable?
Skip; True……
Karra; It’s like a muscle. The more you use it the more it grows however you can deplete it temporarily but it will renew itself.
Skip; Tank you.
Karra; You’re welcome.
Laura; I have a question.
Karra; Yes?
L; I was asleep the other night and I appeared to someone very far away. Do you know what happened?
Karra; Yes, you accidentally astral projected. What is probably happening is that you are at a point where you wanted to project and were thinking about that particular person and you had intense feelings for them and an image of yourself to their location even though you are not going there yourself or aware of astral travelling. That’s my best guess but Tia would be a better person to ask. Any other questions?
R; I have one.
Karra; OK.
R; It was reported in the news that the South Koreans are working on being able to successfully clone someone. Could this technique with the ability to reattach limbs be combined in the future?
Karra; Very probable. The clone would be identical the original genetic donor however to clone exactly they would have to experience everything that person had experienced environmentally. We could not have a hundred identical Skips because they would all have to experience the same things that make up him. You could clone twenty copies of someone and put them through the same experiences but the thought processes would be different for each because each person has a hundred or a thousand different ways they react to the same situation.
L; What would be the purpose for this cloning.
Karra; Well let’s say you make a hundred Albert Einsteins. Think of the mental capabilities available to the human race. You have spoken to a clone many times here. Tia is a clone of herself. She has her original consciousness but her body is a clone. What happened is that she was experimenting on her home dimension with dimensional jumps which is pulling your body through to a different dimension. And she succeeded except that her body went into shock and there was severe trauma to her body which made it impossible to heal it but her consciousness and her heart rate and mental processes slowed down to the point of almost stopping. We were unable to reactivate it so what we basically did was take her genetic material, copied it, forced a clone and then we…well the best way to describe it is that we inserted a computer disk and took out all her consciousness and reprogrammed into her new body. That is the easiest way to describe it. Even in our dimension it is a high risk but impossible in yours. Out of a thousand times we’ve tried it we’ve only been successful a hundred of those. If you fail with the transfer of consciousness you lose both. They have to be acceptable to what is happening and what to go on living. Tia fortunately had an incredible desire to survive. Her first desire was to get her body back and get back to her home planet but once she accepted her fate she decided to make the best go of it. She’s probably happier now than she was on her home planet. Any other questions? OK, I’ve got to go…farewell.

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