Letter From The Editors
For June of 2016

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    The basic motivational forces guiding the direction of any intelligent species is an amalgamation of dreams, desires and decisions. Those translate into the experience that we call life but why are we here? What is the purpose of this life and what is the purpose for all the life that surrounds us? It can best be explained by a cheese sandwich. It was written once that if you were to take into account all the processes that go into the seemingly innocuous task of making a cheese sandwich, you would see behind the scenes hundreds if not thousands of people and at least one cow having some part in creating the ingredients to make that sandwich. In other words, billions of people perform whatever tasks that get them through life while interconnected to everyone else through supply chains that stretch around the globe in a necessary web called supply and demand. It does not stop there though, that same interconnectedness follows through to the animals that share this planet with us for they too have a purpose.

    Known or unknown, that purpose directs our steps to the appropriate place we need to be at the exact moment we need to be there through a mysterious combination of karma, past lives, guides, our subconscious, super ego and rational thought. The way it works could be compared to writing a book, starting a business, composing a song or making a telephone call. We present ourselves to the world through the creation of the aspect we call I. That I aspect goes through a series of daily routines to learn the lessons of life with the best lessons coming when those routines are interrupted. All of which leads to either one of our two purposes in life if not both, to learn or to teach. We are here in body after body to grow as conscious individuals no matter how long it takes to progress because there is no end to ascension. Continuing the path upward takes place without the need for any input from us as we have to learn from the decisions we make anyway. It never hurts however to take some pro-active steps to help us along our journey so here is just one for example where you'll never even have to leave the comfort of your mind.

    Try to imagine yourself as a porpoise swimming in the sea with the great depths below you have mapped with your sonar and the great heights above you know are there every time you draw a breath. Few creatures in the sea around you have the ability to live in two worlds as you do with both sea and sky your domain when you take flight and soar like a bird if only for a short time. Few creatures in the ocean care as much as you do, play as much as you do or fight as fiercely as you can whenever a threat is identified that may harm your podmates. Now imagine swimming with your pod on a beautiful, sunny day when you come across a kayaker paddling near your path. Gliding over to investigate, the person paddling the kayak stops so you pop your head up just out of the water near one side of it. The two of you lock eyes until the scene shifts and now you are the kayaker looking into the eyes of a porpoise. Now imagine using that same technique to step into the life of someone you wish to know better. Imagine living their life for a day to know how best to approach them in a new and empathic understanding of the life they lead.

    As you can see, even an imaginary porpoise can have a purpose so, what are we here to learn and what is it we need to teach? The answer to these two questions has taken thousands of years of returning to this third dimensional speck of dust in the universe again and again in body after body. It is, and has always been, the goal of achieving excellence in everything we do. No matter if it is being a better person, a better worker, a better student, we are always looking to stand out from before and do better than we did the last time we did something. Life is no different. Each one is an improvement on the last and we are setting in place the structure to build on for our next foray into reality. Before that though, we have this reality ahead of us and its no accident that we find ourselves in the bodies that we do with no memory of the bodies we have inhabited before this one. Knowing exactly why we are here would spoil the surprise that is waiting for us as we ascend ever higher in consciousness. Of course we must love surprises, otherwise we would already be on the next dimension with a complete memory of our past lives at our recall and so it is that we unravel the mystery of our existence with each breath that we take, each conversation that we have, every browser search conducted and every thought that crosses our comprehension. Is it a mystery though or do we, like the porpoise, exist just for the fun of existing?

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra