Letter From The Editors
For June Of 2015

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    I have one, you have one, everyone has one, each moment of each life leaves an imprint on our Akashic records that can be reviewed at leisure later on with the right conditions and desire to consider the fullness of our lives. Desire is the key word here because what is being gathered are memories we may wish left to the past. Even if no one but ourselves ever sees what is contained in a resume of our lives, the knowledge we’d know could affect us in a myriad of ways. Some would be educational and some would be difficult to watch but all would be part of what it would take to gather something truly life-changing. While a normal resume would display our personal details, education and work history, the Akashic resume takes into account all the things that comprise the reasons for the joys, fears, friends and family that make up our current timeline.

    Unlike the sixth dimension, where all of one’s previous lives are available after the age of 21, here we only have access to them through the assistance of someone able to do past life regressions or during times of meditation through the openings created by an unfocused mind. It is during these times when a person can go through life after life at leisure, storing in our memories the decisions of our former lives which created the reality we are experiencing now. As someone who has regressed a number of people to lives they once experienced, I can personally attest to the ease of the process and how exciting it is to listen as someone steps into a past life for the first time. They emerge during the regression to a certain point in that life and often have to be brought back to when they were still a youth. From there they go through crucial points of their memories of that time, answering the questions I ask of their previous life by maintaining a conscious link to their body and surroundings in the present.

    Progressing through the life, significant points during the path our lessons take are paused at so they can be reviewed in greater detail. Revelations of great achievements, errors in judgment, loves found, lost, found again along with the usual complement of reality only karma can bring during the condensed version being relived are explored. In the end is the end, death in its many forms is always the way the story finishes but not completely. In that waiting time afterwards comes the all important debriefing. Who shares this life with you now from that life and what role are they playing still? What fears created by a possibly violent death have influenced your present anxieties? What greatness was achieved then to explain the confidence shown in your current profession or hobby? Finally the last question I always ask is, are you ready to go into another life or do you wish to return to the present?

    After two or three lives, a serious resume can begin to be built up from those experiences coupled with what has taken place in this life. More lives adds more complexity to the resume as well as the knowledge gained as a result and now life can be approached with a better understanding of what prompts an encounter or helps with a response. Those of the sixth dimension find it a valuable resource to draw on but perhaps it is mercifully withheld from our easy access for a reason, two at least to be exact. One, a knowledge of the greatness we may have achieved in a previous life could place unwanted pressure on us to equal it and two, knowledge of past horrors we may have participated in or witnessed could scar us for life. Such knowledge must be sought and not offered.

    Taken individually, each life can look like chaos itself with little understanding to be gained from its recall but seen as a whole, order fills in the mess chaos creates but never quite completely. Fragments remain that have been imprinted on each person’s timeline and are available for recall. The lessons are learned by putting together the fragments and filling in the resume’s work experience section from the clues picked up in this life. Always remember, you are the best person for whatever job you happen to find yourself in at this very moment or you would not be here. Are you ready though to possibly change life paths to something with a higher calling? It is with a well-crafted history of your previous lives that will give you the confidence to pursue such a path. May it bring you to your goals and the wisdom so the right decisions are made at the right time. You can always fall back on the knowledge that whatever path you choose, there is a plan in place you helped to create and your Akashic resume is proof of that.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra