Letter From The Editors

For July of 2024

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Something we'd like to share with you is the perspective of those borrowing Mark's body to give us their wisdom and teachings. Each one live on a higher dimension but that wasn't always the case. Each of them came through third dimensional lives and bring with them a long list of accomplishments and knowledge. Most have a lifespan of nearly a thousand years except for Tia who only lives half that long and Omal who was around watching the birth and death of Atlantis. At the time of the channeling sessions during the 90s, it is no big thing that they were speaking to us from Mars or even that other occasional speakers from Ashtar Command would be Ashtar or Sananda himself. Let's look at each real quickly to get an idea of who's doing the talking.

Omal: the base commander and someone who has worked with Mark and myself previously in other lives. Seeing it from that perspective, our trying our best to follow his lead was always our goal. From his perspective, the ability to speak to us without the interference from the thoughts of the channeler presented a unique opportunity to share the channeling session with various members of the base such as those below.

Karra: a base healer for a number of years until one particular session where she suddenly became an ambassador of Sirius. Despite that promotion, her perspective is always been that of a healer first and foremost. Of course she is also my twin soul and co-writer of pretty much everything you read from us.

Kiri: a base engineer and sister of Karra. The most fun-loving of the four main speakers, the followers of the archives know her from her skill at coercion. Months could be spent on her lessons on the subject. Her perspective is one of demonstrating the benefits of a higher dimensional lifestyle.

Tia: she is the head of a team of data analysts studying our planet though forecasting our future is most of what they do. It's from that perspective that everything except the topic of astral projection has often serious undertones. It seems like in the ten years of channeling sessions we have posted, the topics are from the 90s but what is being discussed could be in today's headlines.

Alana: daughter of Karra, she works with the dolphins of Dolphin Lake studying them, learning their language and being an ambassador herself between their two worlds. Last month and this month we heard her greet us speaking in dolphin which demonstrated her growing skill. Her perspective revolves around her friends with flippers and their interactions.

Lyka: during the years she spoke to our group we watched her get promotions all the way up to Captain. One paragraph is too short to cover such an amazing person. Her commitment to defending other third dimensional worlds like ours as part of the Sirian Defense Force meant that at any time during the years she channeled she could have been killed or missing in action during one of her missions. It's the perspective of a young woman who is seen death in all its many forms yet still loves life with a passion.

Korton: we were always honored to have the head of communications for Ashtar Command as one of the co-sponsors along with Omal who initiated the first channeling sessions. His position made it so he could only attend whenever his schedule allowed and his perspective was always one centered on communicating his knowledge as precisely as possible. He was a key part of the chain of command that helped remind us of the seriousness of our purpose.

Treebeard: by far the oldest of our speakers at over eight hundred years old, he is the head gardener of the base with a speech pattern reflective of his great age. There are devas on earth and there are devas on the base that he is very much in tune with and we were able to learn quite a bit on the subject during these next few months as we study trees and devas.

There are even more members of the command we could mention but the above speakers have been the greatest influences from what has been shared so far. The archives are rich sources of information on life after Ascension and how to prepare for it ahead of time. All the speakers have had lives they remember on the third dimension and know what it took to achieve the next level of existence. We are happy to be one of the many bridges between dimensions when the human race needs new options to solve old problems.

In love, light and wisdom as one,
Russ and Karra