Letter From The Editors
For July of 2016

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(In honor of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy.)

    The other day I was looking at an aquarium full of clown fish, some orange and black with white stripes, some all back with white stripes swimming together oblivious to the differences between them. Everywhere in the wild you can see the same behavior where differences can make little difference until man enters the scene. In a supposedly far advanced state over the lesser creatures, differences do exist. The tolerance to those differences can be graphed and calculated throughout history in the currency of a human life and just how much a personís existence is measured in relation to the rest of the population.

    The valuation of a human life varies with location and time period along with how much those differences affect that value. Recorded history provides benchmarks to judge by and it starts with how karma and a soulís higher self has assigned the parameters of a personís birth. Factors setting the value on a life have been fairly consistent even up to today where the color of a personís skin, the belief system they abide by, the station in life in which they find themselves, the choice they make in sexual partners can all make huge differences in the development of oneís environment. Contributing to the assessment is the location of oneís birth, the parents who have agreed between lives to accept the responsibility to have an influence in the lessons a person has assigned themselves. It is how that person deals with those lessons theyíve laid out that gives rise to the consciousness needed for ascension.

    The last but most important factor weíve left off is the understanding a person has on the value of themselves and those around them. Itís separate because it is the internal calculator which can often set values based on the external factors already mentioned even if it is only in the subconscious mind. History is the perfect gauge to see how life has gained and lost in value through the centuries. Slavery, indentured servitude and the sex trade industry have all contributed to extending the gulf in the price of a life to actual money as opposed to a personal intrinsic value with the soul-changing lessons necessary for the individuals involved. Subjugation of a land or a people also changes the dynamics of those who are the conqueror and those who are conquered. Itís this intolerance to the differences found in others that only promotes tolerance of those differences in people who before may not have had a strong opinion one way or another but are forced to take a stand in defense of those differences if only from a moral standpoint.

    Itís the future we have to look to so that as many people as possible can come to understand that the price of a life is incalculable. No value can be set for something which is so rich in experiences and those trying to set a value fail to take into consideration the future lives to come, the present potential and the past lives that brought about that moment. In higher dimensions, these are the true factors that canít be assigned a value. We are beings of light and light is free. Increasing that light comes with the sharing that same light to others, giving them a hand up from a place if theyíve assigned themselves a low personal valuation and just need to be reminded that they, as well as we, are worth far more than what they, or ourselves may think weíre worth.

In love, light and sorrow as one,

Russ and Karra