Letter From The Editors
For July Of 2015

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    At the foot of Karra’s bed on the base is what most people on this planet would call a hell of a flat screen TV. Looking at it, one would first note it was a thin as a credit card but that the memorizing swirls of colors and sounds it presented also seemed to draw you in. It may take a while but after a time it would come to you that the colors were reflecting your thoughts and feelings being broadcast by your aura. With all the technology of the sixth dimension at hand, this wonder of engineering is very good at helping the user go to sleep at night after first thinking the colors to their most harmonious for sleep and again upon waking, taking the time to enhancing the calm needed to face the day.

    Here in the third dimension, such technology is a long way off or it is only a moment away. Our tomorrow is the tomorrow we think it is or least can be by thinking that tomorrow into existence. It has become a long-running theme of these editorials that the reality we think is the reality we get so in keeping with that theme, we present a future brought to you in the memory of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who passed away last October but not before setting the world on fire with his ground breaking research. It was his belief that water could react to positive or negative thoughts or words and presented it as demonstrable science. Seeing is believing and his work made our work taking it to the next step so much easier.

    Anyone following social media or the news of day sees constant discoveries and breakthroughs that could, in one alternate reality or another, change our world overnight. As we rush headlong into unsustainability, this just a small sampling of what we could accomplish to improve the world we actually live in. Energy needs across the planet take one of many priorities we will be focusing on, especially in those countries or areas where affordable energy is scarce and where the sun’s immense energy output is underutilized in the extreme.  Scientific research is coming up with cheaper solar panels and even energy catching windows. Scientists are also working on safer, cleaner forms of energy to replace those that are causing great ecological harm. Fusion research is another answer to the planet's energy needs and will hopefully be a better option thanks to efforts like these or those of a 14 year old boy who was able to do the same.

    In an earlier podcast, Kiri and Karra's father spoke of a revolutionary building material on Sirius in the sixth dimension and now lightweight yet incredibly strong building composites are being discovered in labs around the world such as graphene and graphyne, made possible through the use of two dimensional materials. 3D printing is exploding and concrete that can heal itself is set to extend the life of buildings and infrastructure like bridges and sidewalks. How about metal foam, transparent aluminum and light emitting concrete? Seas rising due to global warming? How about use the extra sea water as fuel or use it to relieve drought stricken areas with the additional energy from fusion to power desalination plants or better yet, artificial photosynthesis to produce inexhaustible, renewable energy? Getting smarter quantum computers will allow us to go even further beyond these wonders and take us on to the stars as we, like Zefram Cochrane of the "Star Trek" sagas finally achieve warp drive capability through NASA's latest research

    These potential additions to our future are just a hint of the brave new worlds awaiting us given the power of belief and our limitless ability to create form out of chaos. Choose the Tomorrowland you want to live in and commit to making it a reality. The lessons to be learned will still need to take place and you may even have to wait for your next life to see them complete but that is just one of our reasons for choosing this life. Another chance to play with the raw ingredients of formlessness and shape them to our imagination's image. Literally, a Disneyland of the mind. How appropriate then that we should now make use of the child within us to create the world we'd love to live in or better yet, love the life we already live because every day can be an amusement park ride. You start the long, slow crawl up to awareness from the depths of sleep to suddenly plunge into the sudden rebuilding of your reality as it rushes into the first curve of decision making. How you take on that momentous drop of a roller coaster in real life is a good reflection of how you face the day. Do you love it or do you fear it? If we had Karra's wall of aura reflection, the answer would be easy. Just meditate until the wall matched our mood. As we don't, the answer is still easy.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra