Letter From The Editors
For January of 2017

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    Itís about time, itís always been about time. Nothing happens outside of when it is supposed to happen and it is for this reason this monthís editorial is being posted when it is. It has to be posted now to begin this next year with memories of times long past and in the belief that good times are to come. We are not completely indigenous to this planet, part of our makeup comes from a world several light years away and our genetic structure has quite a number of strands that were not in the original design. The bloodlines that imparted their genetic code into ours were from Sirius through a colonization on the continent of Atlantis. Back on Sirius, recognizing how valuable their natural psychic skills were, the people there encouraged the joining between parents of the same skill to bond and raise children that would one day to do the same. Blending the offspring of those pairings with others of different skills gave way to the possibility of their goal of creating children strong in all five of the major skills or super operants. Their skills became our skills so in each of us is the potential to develop any or all of the abilities for astral projection, manifestation, psychokinesis, healing or coercion. This is the story of our progression through the unwritten pages of our past and how it will lead us out of uncertainties of the future.

    Love survives death, as does memories, fears and personality, the amount of each retained differs with every incarnation. Were we to trace our many past lives and find that they go all the way back to Atlantis and maybe all the way back to third dimensional Sirius, we would understand the symmetry in motion that make us who we truly are. A better analogy would be of a resume built up life after life with each one adding to the skill set we have available to draw upon with the proper training. One example that was brought up in last monthís editorial and this monthís podcast is meta-concert, a simple tool to blend multiple minds together as one. Commonplace both on Sirius and Atlantis, we know the modern day version in the form of guided prayers and meditation. Any number of examples where the act of focusing the energies of a number of people to accomplish a specific purpose still exists and have been utilized in the past. Large scale versions can be found throughout history where it has been used for good such as John F. Kennedyís goal for man to set foot on the moon by 1969 or for bad as with Hitler and the Third Reich. Focusing the will of a mass consciousness into achieving whatever it is the director of that focus wants to achieve is what a meta-concert is though its forms can change over time. Through the words of Tia and Omal in this channeling session from 1996 released this month, a goal has been laid out and a purpose has been presented on how to use meta-concert in a form that could transform our world.

    The 144,000, described by Tia in the podcast are the number of people on earth reincarnated in this time who are already close to ascending to a higher consciousness. Omal expands on that with his explanation of how those 144,000 are already experiencing spiritual growth and are just waiting for the keys to awaken their subconscious. Once awakened, it would be necessary to unite them together as a single mind. While it may sound like the script of a major summer blockbuster, it is actually taking place in real life in the people around us. It could be you are one of the 144,00 just waiting for the keys to suddenly understand all that has been happening to you spiritually. That kind of optimistic future is just what the world could use to reverse the actions of others who have led us to a dysfunctional style of planetary management of getting everything there is to be had until there is nothing left. Enriching the few to the detriment of the many is exactly the opposite of what should be happening now. Technology has demonstrated how we can change to renewable energy sources and no longer rely on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. It has also led to increased lifespans and the cures to diseases once thought incurable. Now it is just the awakening of the 144,000 that could transform this world and inspire the consciousness of the rest of the over seven billion people who would feel the effects should that happen.

    We are not a body with a soul that exists with each new birth but a soul with different bodies and each of those is like a message in a bottle. We try to leave ourselves a message with the strides we make spiritually and also in a physical way through our offspring as we open doors for new souls to enter and leave their mark. With every incarnation we try to become better people and the history of the world reflects that. The human race is growing consciously if slowly as computers have brought the world to our doorstep every time we turn on any number of devices. We can now enjoy a face-to-face conversation halfway around the world and for those of us born before the computer age, it is an exciting time made even more exciting knowing that fact could make the coming together of the 144,000 a reality. This brings us back to Atlantis and how a plan for ascension initiated on a planet several light years away could now finally see its fruition. This is why the Brotherhood of Light has such an interest in earth because of the potential for explosive spiritual growth that is a real possibility now more than ever. It has taken over 10,000 years to get here but the keys are in place just waiting for the 144,000 to discover them and complete what was started so long ago.
In love and life as one.

Russ and Karra