Letter From The Editors
For January of 2016

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    This first monthly editorial of 2016 is dedicated to one of the brightest minds of the 20th century, Albert Einstein and his description of time. Physicists call his description the "Block Universe," where the past, present and future already exist in the fourth dimension thus making our future inevitable. While we are only able to see this block of time in a linear fashion through our perception of the third dimension, we are also able to see it from a philosophical viewpoint and have a discussion on the theoretical possibilities. To have a serious discussion though, we also have to allow that this moment in time was already in place just waiting our arrival so, in allowance for that possibility, I welcome you to our little get together.

    Now that we have accepted that possibility in theory, several answers to difficult questions can be postulated. For example, Dťjŗ vu becomes much more explainable if that exact scene from some forgotten dream was merely our looking into a parallel, future reality when our dream-self happened to stop by for a visit. Precognition, tarot cards, fortune tellers and prophets would have access to an infinite number of possible future existences to pick from. Past lives, present time and future selves would all have relevance in the pattern of how to fulfill our purpose in the general scheme of things. Because of that, each moment in the pattern would have significance in the overall shape in the growth of our consciousness.

    Hasnít every person of consequence in our lives had some sort of special connection we would unconsciously feel upon meeting them? How, as the eyes met, it was like a line of force making the connection so strong to feel as if it was destined to happen? Physicists explain this as something inevitable because our future is compelling us to make that connection or life-changing decision. That regrets are unnecessary because we are being pulled in a direction where no matter what takes place, we had to be there and then at that exact second of our lives. Itís in that second and every second that follows where we must travel without a map but with a likely destination in mind. To get there, we have to ask ourselves two important questions. Who is doing the compelling and what is the inevitable outcome we can look forward to if all of this must have a logical conclusion?

    The answers of course are up to the individual but one possibly is that it is our higher selves pulling our strings to bring us closer to it. Who else has such an insiderís view of the fourth dimension and also the ability to influence our decisions, dreams, crossings and reunions? Who else would know what lessons would push a destiny in one direction or another? If we were to accept then that this is indeed the way the fourth dimension really works, couldnít we then consider that we already are our higher selves in some space and time reading this? Think of the confidence that could bring while strengthening the connection to the higher reaches of the mind. Now consider the downsides to such a mental paradigm. For me, that is indeed a tough question to answer.

In Love and Light as one,

Russ and Karra