Letter From The Editors
For January Of 2015

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    For a majority of the world, the past, present and future are out of one's control and they are conditioned to react to the random events of the future as they become the present being prepared as best as possible. The possibility that our thoughts, actions and decisions could shape anything more than our individual life would seem preposterous. Anytime is the perfect time to prove that concept as untenable.

    Our goal in this and every life is to reach the ONE, passing through dimension after dimension to get there. To reach the ONE takes as many lives as needed to lose our sense of polarity. To do that, we must experience good and bad, right and wrong, light and dark, hunger and fullness, warm and cold, rich and poor, carrying on from where we left off into infinity. Changing the paradigm of division comes with brain training ourselves to program our future over the multiple lives to come.

    A fun simulation to get started will be easy for the fans of Star Trek as it involves the holodeck found from "The Next Generation" forward. The holodeck allows the user to experience a holographic environment stored in an archive or one the user creates themselves. For our purpose, this will be one we create ourselves. Writing this program will be ongoing from the time we awake on into our dreams until we close our eyes for the last time.

    The first thing to do is find the end of the program and create it from there going backwards to your now. For example, taking the goal already mentioned of the ONE. How do we get there from now over the incomprehensible time of such a destiny? You take large leaps of dimension changes as you work your way backwards to just getting to the next dimension. Getting there is a matter of seeing ahead of time what you believe would be the most fun path on the way to making that happen.

    Initiate the program as you wake up from the night's sleep and step through holodeck's doors.  For the rest of your day, the program will run as you program it but will toss in surprises your higher self has also programmed to get you to that goal even faster. The program is designed to grasp that polarity is an illusion and seeing the goal as reached already is a little trick to make the program more fun amid the seeming chaos that we are exposed to constantly. That too is part of the program and is consistent with the goal for that is how it is supposed to be. Chaos and order are also part of the ONE.

    It is not a religious simulation or a spiritual one, it is a logical way forward that can bring about true understanding of how life works. In fact, it is what we are already doing even if up to now it has been done only through the subconscious. Take over the process if you haven't already because as some scientists are already theorizing, the universe we take for granted may actually be a hologram. With that in mind, we'll step out of your holodeck for the time being with that most classic of Star Trek farewells but now holding so much more meaning......live long and prosper.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra