Letter From The Editors
For February of 2017

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    If I had to guess, I would say that I was expecting to be born into a world ruled by magic but instead ended up on a world with only the illusion of magic because I keep expecting the world to change immediately on my desire alone. To compensate, I have had to alter my definition of magic to include illusion and real magic and how to recognize each of the three kinds, not an uncommon realization and one many come to accept though I was in denial of that fact for a number of years. During that time I studied religions both old and new trying to prove to myself whether or not magic was a valid concept until it was during the channeling sessions that I came to a definitive answer I was happily forced to accept. First though, itís important to have a proper understanding of both magic and illusion and the difference between the two. An illusionist can simulate magic with the use of misdirection and sleight of hand making the eyes see what they are meant to see to complete the illusion. Well-placed mirrors, props and an assistant or two amaze the watcher into believing what they are seeing is unbelievable yet what they are actually seeing is just repeatable playacting with a high degree of skill. Magic on the other hand needs no illusion though it does need belief as well, a belief that the physical world is not immune to alteration from the thoughts of a person or persons of will. If it had to be defined, magic is really a sustained use of will power to achieve something the user has identified as their focus but the effects can be also be interpreted as coincidence. This isn't real magic, real magic will be explained at the end of this editorial.

    It was in my studies of the old religions that I learned about tarot cards and how to give a reading which would map out the past, present and future as they could possibly happen barring any changes the reading might indicate needed to be made. One of the Major Arcana of the tarot deck is that of the Magician, a card of great spiritual significance no matter where in the layout it appears. The image on the card is of a man in front of a table with items representing the four elements on it. I was taught that the Magician was a person able to control the four elements and thus able to control the forces of nature for the benefit of mankind. It was later I learned that the four elements also represent the totality of a person with earth standing in for the physical being, water a person's emotional nature, air making up their spiritual side and fire the will or creative desire. It was when the Magician was in balance with the four and could control each that magic could take place but in these chaotic times of the 21rst century, how could any aspiring Magician find the inner calm to achieve that balance? My answer was to go looking for a role model from times in humanity's past when the world had not yet heard of social media, computers or central plumbing.

    In looking throughout history for an example of a real magician who has shown what happens when all four elements of a person are brought into balance, we need only look to the greatest magician of all time, Jesus Christ of Nazareth AKA Sananda. No illusionist he but instead someone who had an innate knowledge that everything is one. Turning water into wine would be no parlor trick with that kind of knowledge and walking on water is easy when one is already one with the water. As a tenth dimensional being in a third dimensional body, much of what he came here to impart was the importance of our individual divinity denied the people of the day even as a thought form by the religious elite. That message can be found in scripture throughout the New Testament where we can read we are not powerless, just unaware of the power we can harness for the benefit of others. Believe in him he said, believe in his belief that no matter how ascended you become, you too can bring about great change through the belief you are a reality magician. But, as was shown by Jesus, it has to be done through love or expect the reciprocal karma as a result if it is done for selfish purposes.

    Real magic is what happens when the mind's influence over reality is brought to the fore and accomplishes changes on a physical level immediately. Only twice have I seen real magic and that brings up the last of the continuing series started two editorials ago on meta-concert. Both times where real magic was demonstrated happened with the help of about one hundred higher dimensional members of Hades Base under the control of Omal the base commander to facilitate healings from one dimension to the other. One of our friends named Carrie who would occasionally attend the channeling sessions received word from her doctor that she had a tumor and its removal would affect her ability to have children in the future which was something she wanted more than anything. A house cat of ours at the time also had a tumor so a test meta-concert was arranged where I would be conducting the energy through an energy crystal which would do most of the work channeling the energies into the cat. In both meta-concerts the results were successful and the tumors disappeared much to the amazement of the doctor who had given her the bad news in the first place. Today Carrie is the proud mother of a 19 year old daughter and like myself a firm believer in both magic and miracles. Belief though is a personal matter and we encourage you to become a reality magician in your own life if that goal hasn't been reached already and you found it was actually you behind the curtain the whole time pulling the levers
In love and life as one.

Russ and Karra