Letter From The Editors
For February Of 2015

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    Presented for your reflection, a quandary debated by theologians in dimensions even higher than the third and one that has occupied the minds of many here on Earth. If the path forward to the next dimension in any dimension involves selfless service to others, and if the third dimension has the best chances to do just that, how do you stay selfless, stay alive, stay growing consciously and stay sane? To answer that question we present a short adventure of consciousness worthy of, "The Twilight Zone".

    As what was related to us by Kiri in her dissertation on "6th Dimensional Economics", Sirius in the sixth dimension operates through a karma based economy without the need for money but instead based on the concept of service to others as a form of currency. As was stated in that channeling session, if you saw a spill in a store or a job that needed to be done, you would do it prior to collecting the items you needed you felt was worthy of the task or tasks you completed. Obviously the more you did in exchange for the goods would be a personal goal but sometimes it would be less and the karma would be balanced.

    On Earth with our complicated money systems the opposite happens and karma rarely plays a part in the exchange of goods for money. That system has worked for thousands of years and will continue on indefinitely so service to others has to be a personal endeavor. If we were on the sixth dimension, other ways to serve would be to help with raising the consciousness of those on the third dimension looking to advance to the next dimension but as there is no one lower than the third to help, a world of opportunities is open to us. As lightworkers, helping others advance is as simple as a Facebook post relating the latest mental breakthrough found through the posts of others or conceived of by ourselves.

    For those looking to take the concept to the next level though, serving others takes on a lifetime commitment of seeing other's needs as more important than one's own. Old souls with only a minimum number of lessons left before ascension upon their next incarnation would be prime examples of such aspirants. That we live in a reality where the needs of the many go often unfulfilled, it's almost as if we gave ourselves more opportunities to advance our consciousness than we could ever wish for. The irony is not lost on those who have come to this conclusion already and it is from our decisions of who and how to help that is just part of the ascension process.

    So like the recipe in a cookbook, it's a matter of following the instructions printed out in the patterns of our thoughts. Opening up to the desire to serve brings chances to complete that desire in spades and opportunities will appear upon our path as if by magic. Think sixth dimensionally perhaps and trade your skills where possible to understand how such a system would work in the microcosm. Then again, maybe this is old news and that path is already one you are on or a path you are taking up from a past life. So it is with adventures of consciousness, trips of such importance seem to already be taking place and it is like waking up from a dream. Or, as some would argue, was the dream our reality the whole entire time?

In love and light as one from the "Zone",

Russ and Karra