Letter From The Editors
For December of 2016

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“The law of the unity of opposites is a fundamental law of the universe.”
A quote from the movie “Zardoz”.

    There is a rush taking place around us as the winds of change reshape the world with the force of a tornado threatening to disrupt the link we maintain between our higher self and lower one. It's at those times one must remember that there is always an eye of calm in every tornado where one can find safety at its center by bringing those two halves closer together. The peace of mind needed throughout the learning process the future can bring will come with that joining. The opposite is the chaos which takes place when impatience, anger and fear are allowed to run rampant instead. It is the maintaining of a calm state of being that this editorial addresses and how easy it is to lose that calm when the events of the world threaten to to overrun it completely. Too often the stress of a job or school affects concentration or the commute to work is more than can be endured. It’s then that the duality of one can be experienced when the suddenly increased mental strain meets the controlled and patient self. Many books and speakers will often advise to use one of the three M’s, music, mantras or meditation to unify the two. We’d like to offer another, the M in moment and the love for each of them as they are experienced throughout the day.

    There are no accidents in life nor coincidences, mistakes or luck. Everything happens as it is supposed to which can be a source of confidence knowing that whatever needs to be faced is there for your benefit. We are all an intermingling of cosmic dust that has been people, mountains, oceans and all the creatures living or dead throughout the history of the planet. We are the world is not a euphemism but a truth best expressed when meeting someone new. You are looking at a part of you in everything material and if that can be fully comprehended from an appreciation standpoint, you can see things through the eyes of the creator or beings of a much higher dimension. All these factors make up a moment and are more than enough reason to love each one as each is a step closer to growth on a personal level. The vehicle of the human body created through the miracle of birth houses the consciousness we use in interacting with our fellow humans. The higher self that never dies houses the super ego we use to raise that consciousness to a level ideally suited to face the challenges those winds of change can bring. Both make up the self higher and lower that needs to be recognized and integrated.

    As the end of an election cycle ends, divisions abound about what the future holds. Changes in the political landscape call out for a coming together at a time when the very opposite is dominating the mass consciousness of the planet. On the bright side, one could not ask for a more ideal learning environment and one lesson the world could learn is that the thoughts of one or more people can have an effect on the physical world even though science has yet to prove that fact to its satisfaction. An organized and trained group of people working together in harmony can achieve more than one person acting alone and the bigger the group, the more energy can be directed at the group's focus. A technique to unite that focus has been included through the channelings from those on the Base called a meta-concert where groups of five or more can act with one mind and one purpose as long as that purpose is of the highest intention. Individuals trained in the various positions of a meta-concert could step into whatever role they felt worked best for them or who's skills would achieve the goals of the group. Generating that symbiosis between the participating minds could initiate a breakthrough in the field of psychic development once the results could be demonstrated to a skeptical public.

    In the meantime, unifying the duality between the two selves can be thought of as a change for the better one thought at a time. It’s to that point it’s more imperative than ever the world work together to at least slow what could easily be a second Atlantis but on a worldwide extent this time instead of a single continent if certain tipping points are reached through global warming. These are lessons that must be learned and have to be accepted minus the fear and anger such a fate instinctively generates if all stays the way it is. It all comes back to that cosmic dust. That it has formed into molecules structured in such a pattern as the human body and the world around us suggests a larger pattern at work calling us higher. Blending spirituality with physicality is the answer to that call, the call back to the one and we have a suggestion to offer on how to make that a whole lot easier if it becomes too big a challenge. In fact appropriate to the season, Charles Dickens expressed it best in “A Christmas Carol” where it was superbly pointed out that one should always live as if one had already died, regrets can come once we've moved on to the waiting period when it's discovered they were all part of a larger plan at work and should have been called the lessons they really are.

In love and life as ONE.

Russ and Karra