Letter From The Editors
For December Of 2015

Front Page





    This is the second editorial related to the release of the new Star Wars movie where we look to the future and how their universe has changed much in the same way as ours. This release has the Empire becoming “The First Order” and the Rebellion becoming "The Resistance” so lots of changes to take in, new characters to get to know with new lessons of consciousness for minds ready to absorb both new and old concepts. Like the Jedi, we too have faced changes that have tested our spirit when peacefully advancing our consciousness since "Return of the Jedi". In the movies, those wishing to study the light side of the force had the Jedi training academy while Luke Skywalker had a Jedi master in the form of Yoda to continue his training. Who have we had to gain a mastery over ourselves and our hidden abilities? We have had what every academy recruit and each member of the Skywalker family have had access to, an opportunity to learn should we so desire.

    It was a grieving, resigned Luke Skywalker who finally gave in to the beseeching of Obi Wan Kenobi to follow in the steps of his father. His aunt and uncle having been murdered, his life on Tatooine finished while being hunted by the Empire, he took the only route open to him where he would play an integral part in destroying the first Death Star while giving hope to a fledgling rebellion. Fleeing the Empire once more from a compromised base on the ice planet Hoth, Luke followed the urgings of Obi Wan, now moved on to a higher form and plotted a course to the Jedi master on Dagobah who had trained him in the arts of telekinesis, coercion and being in harmony with the here and now.

    Deeply committed to gaining a knowledge of the force, Luke found himself learning more about the ways of energy and the ways of controlling oneself and one’s environment. Yoda tested Luke by having him face the dark side of himself and the consequences should he waver in his self-control to where fear influenced his decisions. He showed him how to reach out and feel the energy passing between himself and the objects around him but it was while trying to lift his X-Wing fighter out of the depths of the swamps when Luke faced his biggest challenge and one we face everyday. How do we suspend our disbelief and get beyond our self-made obstacles telling us we can't do something? Can we do or do not because of course, there is no try?

    The story of Luke Skywalker is the story of us all and while we do not know yet what role he’ll play in the movie, neither do we know in detail the role we’ll play in our own story. It’s all about evolution and the greater good. In the same way Anakin Skywalker eventually brought balance to the force, it wasn’t in the way Obi Wan had hoped. It took instead his son to make him see that the only thing that would absolve him of his massive misuse of the Force was his help in killing the Emperor. It’s been many decades since that happened and now as new users awaken to the Force, both on and off the screen, light and dark are still at odds as they were since we last said farewell to Luke and the gang. For most like myself, it will be like we never left while for others like Karra, it will be as it has always been but with the dark side of the force well under control.

In Love and Light as one,

Russ and Karra