Letter From The Editors
For December Of 2014

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"25 years and my life is still, trying to get up that great big hill of hope,
for a destination"

Lyrics by Four Non Blonds

    It was 25 years ago this month when I first came up that really big hill to get to Lake Tahoe and while I'm not as young as I once was then, I don't feel as old as I'm supposed to be even with all that has taken place since. Like any good book or movie, the story is just getting to the exciting part where you hit that part of your life when you can see both ahead of where you want the story to go and behind along the wake your life has left. That is where I find myself, with a story from my beginning to my hoped for end that reads like a Spider Robinson novel. Great plot points, dramatic highlights and now we come to the heroine of the tale, she who's siren's call guided me to where I find myself now and is the subject of this month's editorial...Karra.

    It's hard to write about yourself when it involves another person but that is how it is with twin souls, a relationship that can best be described as symbiotic. The first time I met Karra was before I even knew her name happened while listening to a guided meditation tape back in Sedona. I fell asleep but found myself in my astral form looking around at what I would only realize later was the visitors lounge above the landing bay of Hades Base. She walked in so tall and beautiful with the presence I remembered well from my earliest memories. She took me on a tour of the base explaining some of the things we saw along the way while I just followed in complete awe of her. At the time I had no concept of Ashtar Command or the sixth dimension and wrote it off to a lucid dream that felt completely real. We were officially introduced to each other by Kiri in 1992 during an early channeling session and from her very first words I finally had a name I could put to the presence I had felt all my life. 

    It has always been she whose words would permeate my thoughts and eyes burn their way to my soul whenever I closed mine. She who could only shake her head at the life lessons I had to experience and she who would hold my mental hand, reminding me of how much fun the future was going to be. Karra has always been a soft, female presence guiding me through my journey of life, assuring me at all times that there is nothing to fear and teaching constantly that while life appears to be a chaotic mess, it is actually an intricate dance of precision and perfection. Over the years, the connection of our twinned souls has strengthened from her help with the podcasts and these editorials which has been crucial.

    Separated by both the time and space of the 4th and 5th dimensions, it feels more like a separation of a few hundred miles, not a 150 million of them. Like magnets, our paths came closer and closer to get to the meeting planned in between lives. When I asked how things turned out the way they did she said, "Cause and effect. One thing follows another so that we could meet and I could give you that answer." So simple and so true. Our decisions, our friendships, our words, actions and thoughts all come across as singular fruits hanging on the branches of the tree we could use as an analogy for ourselves but they and the tree are just a small part of a larger orchard we all share. It's all about growth and ensuring the combined fruits go out to feed a hungry world. May the fruit you grow and the love you show make for a bountiful harvest this holiday season. From me here in the 3rd dimension and from my other self in the 6th dimension, may the rest of the year be fruitful and the new year even more so.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra