Letter From The Editor
For August of 2016

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“That's incredible. Imagine seven billion people all wanting to live together. Yeah, the Earth must be the friendliest place in the galaxy.”

In paraphrasing with some poetic license from the movie “Crocodile Dundee”, I am reminded of a time years ago I spent as a travel agent, a vanishing species now in the age of the internet and how I could send people around the world with only a few key strokes. Should some fictional intergalactic travel agent book a trip for someone to come to any of the major cities of the planet without knowing much about it ahead of time may have similar sentiments until some time spent on Earth would reveal the truth of the matter. That said, it isn’t really much more complicated than the fact that most people really do want to share this beautiful world with the other inhabitants privileged to be alive in this time and place. While differences only denote learning opportunities, it’s those differences my clients were looking to explore when they booked a trip though our agency and it’s those same differences that we explore life after life as we may switch to a different sex, different race, different social standing or different nationality with each new incarnation. It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to stretch their boundaries and embrace the richness travel brings to one’s perspective as we return each life to experience that same richness.

The next step is stretching those boundaries even further to where perspective includes possibilities not found on this planet but in the very stars themselves.  Not able to travel there, we have to rely on the mind to provide the only vehicle we’ll need. For most, “Star Trek” gave a mental picture of the concept of traveling through space to meet races other than those from Earth. For others, the concept space travel to meet other races could be found in a myriad of movies and television shows but all could give a small nod of the head to what the crew of the Enterprise started. And so as “Star Trek” prepares to celebrate fifty years since coming on air next month, The Hades Base News would like to take this time to thank all those who have helped make the show a reality and have done so much to expand the horizons of our imagination. That’s on an entertainment level, now comes the part where the expansion includes both the social issues it addressed and the consciousness increased as a result of seeing space as attainable and races other than ours as possible.

I watched the original episodes of the show while attending elementary school and would join my friends taking on the role of the crew of the Enterprise. I would always played Mr. Spock due to my relating to the character more so than any of the others and we would explore space while sitting in the bleachers of the school baseball diamond. Away trips to other planets only took up as much time as lunch allowed and we always won every space battle if negotiations failed which seemed to happen every time. Still, it opened my mind to what it would be like to actually be on these meetings and cause me to wonder what being another race than human would be like. It was also illustrated how discrimination was indefensible as was the war the United States had been escalating. People of all races and colors were working together for a common cause and I had hope this was the future destined to be mine. Well that did turn out to be the case but not in any way I would have expected as I lived through real life episodes of “Star Trek” with each channeling session with those on the base. 

It’s thanks to the mind expanding efforts of Mr. Eugene Wesley "Gene" Roddenberry that have I and other light workers can help take that expansion to the next step and add to the planetary consciousness fact to the fiction. While Captain Kirk and crew worked from a sound stage of technicians, lighting personnel and a whole host of people working to make each episode come off without a hitch, real people from a number of races and dimensions populate not just Hades Base but many more throughout the galaxy. All established and stationed by the dedicated men and women of Ashtar Command for just one purpose, to bring those who wish to do so up from the third dimension to the next evolutionary level of growth. One could say it was only a matter of timing that it took fifty years and multiple generations to come around to the concept of an interstellar community working towards peaceful coexistence could actually be possible. Thanks to the efforts of those on Hades Base, the best example possible has been given of what can happen when such a concept becomes a reality.

Live long and prosper,

Russ and Karra