Letter From The Editors
For August Of 2015

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    Growth of consciousness is an ongoing process made up of a combination of experience and will. Sometimes it can take years to explore a philosophy to grasp it completely and sometimes it can take only moments which is how it is with this monthís editorial. Credit where credit is due, Karra poured it into my head like a fine wine aged elsewhere so that it satisfies still, long after the glass has been drained. Itís a complete concept for approaching life from a perspective consistent with what she practices every moment. In just the short time since it was given to me, it already feels like itís something I had adopted it into my daily life long ago but never really put a name to it.

Finger One-


    Everything starts with control. That means preparedness when dealing with the everyday world. A higher dimensional definition of control begins with psychic shielding to defend against attacks of an energy nature, whether intentional or not. It also includes the ability to use defensive coercion if that skill is available in times your shielding continues to be tested. Also be prepared to face any decision from three different directions by taking the extra time to come up with three and not rush to the first one that comes to mind. This single act of control then can save hours of recrimination later.

Finger Two-


    Shields need power and so do you. Gathering that power comes in the form of psychic energy surrounding you flowing in from above. Itís a matter of taking it from there and not other people which is why shielding is so important. Your power is available to anyone who wants it when shielding isnít present so itís a matter of gathering, conserving and grounding it out when too much threatens to overwhelm you. Itís shared in the healing of oneself or others by calling on reserves where more is needed and returned to the universe in thanks for its boundless supply afterwards.

Finger Three-


    Heart includes both commitment and compassion. Having the heart to care and also to commit to a plan of action when you truly believe in a cause. The path to ascension requires a willingness to help others when your higher self asks. If you were on a deserted island, the only person to be concerned with would be yourself and gaining knowledge would be a solitary experience. Longer, harder and not nearly the fun to be had between the interaction with others. This is a shared experience made richer by caring for the welfare of others both large and small.

Finger Four-


    The mind runs the show. Here itís all about situational awareness and the desire to improve constantly. Itís in the mind that knowledge is gathered and processed but there must always be a drive to acquire more. The speed those three options youíre coming up with in making decisions will require lots of input and the world has given it to you in spades. Thanks to the Internet, knowledge is only a few keystrokes from attainment and then itís all about the awareness of the moment, planning the future and pondering the past. The mind is a bountiful garden of possibilities. Go ahead, plant some seeds.

Finger Five-


    Universal love, love of all things, all situations, all lessons and all that is still unknown. All of it is a part of the plan helped envisioned over the millennia by he who was once Christ incarnate and is now Sananda and itís through a trust of that plan that one can decide to approach life even without a full understanding of what the plan is or where it leads. A trust born of following the lessons of love provided two centuries ago through his teachings points the way. Doing anything without love will always feel wrong so follow your feelings. If it feels wrong, itís not being done with love and so whatever is the opposite of that action should be one of your three options. Once everything is done with love, which decision of the three you choose will come easily.


    While each of the fingers above can operate independently, all five working in unity offer the best way to experience this wonder we call reality. It is a philosophy that relies heavily on an interaction between yourself, your guides, your family and friends, strangers you meet, the billions of your fellow inhabitants on this planet and the trillions more who live on other planets and other dimensions. The scope is almost unthinkable but also irrelevant. It all comes down to you and your five fingers. With Control, Power, Heart, Mind and Love woven into the tapestry of your life, the pattern will become clearer as the finished product nears completion.

In love and light as one,

Russ and Karra