Letter From The Editors
For April of 2016

Front Page





    In honor of April fool’s day we have an analogy of an analogy, an escapist’s paradise for millions of viewers around the Earth who have seen “The Truman Show”, released in 1998. Jim Carrey stars as Truman Burbank, an unassuming cog in the grand theater of life except that in his life and his life only, everything around him has been engineered to the Nth degree from birth. Cameras and microphones capture every minute of his day-to-day experiences and beam it out to a public entranced by the vicarious thrill of reality TV. Truman’s illusion of that reality is literally shattered one afternoon when a lighting fixture from the gigantic, dome-shaped sound stage he is on fell from the sky to come crashing down at his feet. Further glitches in the system enhanced his suspicions until he finally struck out on his own to find the real world which had been elaborately designed to prevent just this type of curiosity. He commandeered a sailboat and set off across his world's ocean only to face wild storms engineered by the show's designers which almost killed him. Nearly drowned but yet unbeaten by the obstacles put in his path, he continued his quest once the storms had ceased until he ran into a wall holding him back from the unknown. It was on that wall that he found a door to a reality he could only imagine, a new life in a new land. So, after bidding one last farewell, he stepped through it to find the love he had long thought lost in a woman who he realized had never been real until now.

    The parallels jump out immediately when watching the movie but it is the deeper meanings behind the movie that is the subject of this editorial and as it is the Hades Base News, it’s going to center on the illusion that we are the only known race in the universe. That general consensus is not as prevalent as it once was and more and more people are realizing the odds of that being true are unsustainable. The goal in this analogy is to explore all we can of what’s outside the dome by finding the door leading us to something we can know, not just believe in. Luckily there are many doors opening to a greater understanding of the other beings that inhabit this dimension as well as the countless beings in other dimensions who also interact with us also through their channelings found on the internet. The challenges to reaching that goal are almost too numerous to count but we’ll get the major ones covered to know how big the challenge really is.

    First and foremost is the how comfortable it is inside the dome, how even the need to learn of life outside the dome is of a much lower priority than global security, politics (especially in this most unusual political cycle), wars and rumors of wars, pandemics and terrorism. On top of that is the need to keep a comfortable lifestyle while at the same time avoiding those things that could bring that lifestyle to an end. Fear in the form of an economic crash, GMO’s, global warming and of course the end of all life on earth as we know it are just some of the things we can find as threats we'd like to avoid but can't. Then there are the distractions of one hundred million hours of streaming content being added to Facebook daily, hundreds of television stations, millions of podcasts and a social media that is the eyes and ears to the world. In all of that clutter needing to be digested on a daily basis, where is the compulsion to explore the reality outside the dome? That is where it comes down to an individual’s sense that all of the above can’t be all that there is. At some point a theoretical lighting fixture is going to fall out of the sky at our feet and then that is when we will go on our quest to know what is really out there to know, to learn from and be guided by entities each person comes across through their channelings the spirit feels drawn to study.

    The unknown is a scary place, Truman’s own fears got the best of him and were exploited by the dome’s designers in various ways to scare him into keeping up the status quo even to seeing his father drown at sea to scare him out of traveling on water. Overcoming that fear took the love of a former cast mate spurring Truman to search for a world denied him. Our search will need something at least as inspirational. In this case it is a love of our planet that can be the motivation behind learning about the other races out there that have our back. Those fears we mentioned are real and our planet is in need of a concerted effort to help ourselves and the future generations who will follow our example. Techniques to help the planet can be found at the Hades Base News and other sources in growing numbers available on the web but if life in this reality gets any more real, it will be in the knowledge the bulk of humanity finds unreal that the answers needed for earth’s future will be found. It is at that point we can look back on the disaster that almost was and say, ”In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

In love of the planet and the light as one,

Russ and Karra