Letter From The Editors
For April Of 2015

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    I am a light being and so is Karra. We're doing light things at the direction of other light beings. You reading this are a light being doing light things based on motivation factors that work best for you. To clarify what is meant by the word light though, light equals energy and it's easier to visualize it as both for the psychic skills this editorial addresses. Learning how to use that light/energy to further empower those who to wear the mantle "lightworker" is what we have come to add tips about this month.

    Name a psychic skill and light/energy is involved. You see it demonstrated in mental shielding where balls of light/energy are imagined in various shapes and sizes to fend off emotional light/energy attacks or coercive attempts to influence your decisions. Even a bubble of light/ energy practiced daily can bring about a state of calm when chaos ensues. More intricate shielding layouts were described by Omal in his shielding dissertation and each level is easier to grasp when the light/energy used blazes in your mind's eye. Safe within that light/energy, the darkness has no match.

    Light/energy plays a big part in healing where, while the pain may be physical, light/energy is radiating out on levels too subtle to be easily perceived. Corresponding physical healing can get a helping hand with the assistance of the mind's creative power to imagine light/energy radiating out from the hand or hands doing the work. So too with manifestation, where that light/energy is lifted to the next step and out of nothing comes substance. Whether it be art, music, writing or imagining new ways to improve the world, manifestation does not always mean forming something solid from the very molecules in the air. The manifestation available to everyone on the third dimension takes place using far smaller matter than molecules and instead harnesses the very light/energy waves of creation the mind unleashes with every new idea.

    Telekinesis and telepathy also rely on the transfer of light/energy across the denseness of the third dimension to succeed. Projecting thoughts to another or deciphering them from the ethers is a skill still developing among a tiny but growing portion of society while moving objects with the mind needs a mind that's been moved to believe such a feat can be achieved. Faith fails us without belief. The same can be said of astral projection. Even after experiencing it, believing what happened was real keeps us wanting to continue the lessons having a true body of light/energy can bring.

    With such an array of light/energy tools, the only requirement left is the main power source for each of them. Surrounding us are infinite amounts of light/energy coming from the plants, planet and universe at large. Running through all of it is the river of time with its inescapable current pulling us forward towards the next encounter, the next moment, it's in the momentum of that moment where the future is happening when the present becomes the now. The mind holds the reins of all that potential either loosely or as tight as possible and rides off into the sunrise of our future.

In love and blinding light/energy as one....

Russ and Karra