Karra; Hello. I get the feeling you want more information about Omal’s analogy.
Russ; Quite correct love.
Karra; OK, here goes. The bucket of water he was referring to is us all. You, me, the host body, Tia, Kiri, our guest speaker and all the individuals play an integral part in the consciousness of individuals as a group in the group consciousness that is the bucket filled with water. You take out a drop and it is felt by the bucket. You lowered just a fraction. Individuals playing an infinite and intricate part in the all, the all being everything. The world you live on, the world I live on, the universe. The loss of a single object is felt throughout everything. Everything is interrelated to everything else. The progression from beginning to end is an important part that plays within it and I could go straight into my dissertation but we’re running short on time and we’ll have to save it for next week.
R; Now in the example of Sarah, would you consider that a drop taken out of the bucket and yet now being replaced?
Karra; Yes in a way. Sarah is the drop that was taken out and will soon be replaced. I’ll see you later.

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